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Eliminating false positives and normalizing partial case information.


Obtaining missing case information through our proprietary HTML Audit Trail.


Human expertise applied to every result to ensure quality and accuracy.

Automated Solutions

The difference between our solution and other providers of automation is the attention to detail we put into every result. Before launching our technology, SJV gathered intelligence on the existing automation in the screening industry and formulated a process to address three major issues; eliminating false positives, obtaining missing case information, and conducting rechecks or obtaining court copies to provide further validation of automated results.


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SJV adds value and understanding to court results. Through the QA/QC process, we eliminate the need for our clients to contact the courts to confirm missing or ambiguous information; wasting valuable resources on questions that should be answered by a provider before they are ever reported to a client.

SJV is the only provider that offers this level of service alongside automation. We insert a hands-on QA/QC process into all of our results, combining the best of cutting edge technology with human expertise. When you’re working with SJV you’re not just working with software, you’re guaranteed a higher level of service with experienced background screening professionals.

Our elite process leads the Background Screening Industry. How can we make this claim? Unlike other providers, SJV has its roots in public records research as a Court Records Retrieval Firm. Maintaining a NAPBS Criminal Research Provider Guidelines Certification means we have the experience and expertise to provide customers the fastest and most accurate results possible from automation.

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SJV’s Automated Solutions are integrated with these leading technology solution providers to ensure a seamless and secure ordering experience for our customers. We also offer custom integrations to proprietary systems, as well.

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