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SMART Technology

Web-based architecture and secure technology provide users access to our Client Connect portal.


All data that is screened by SJV is securely stored and tracked using our proprietary Case Management System ©.

SMART Design

Our multi-tiered architecture lets you stay constantly informed and connected... all on one secure, dynamic platform..

Integration Platform Partners

ACCIO, SJV partners

Accio Data delivers Web-based software solutions to employment screening firms, nationwide. Accio Data's extensive XML interfaces provide workflow management, invoicing, vendor management, and reporting modules. Accio Data combines great performance with technology innovations, low administration costs, and extensive customizability to help their clients grow while improving their margins.


ClearStar is a trusted provider of strategic services and decision-making information for background screening firms. ClearStar’s proven technology infrastructure is HR-XML Consortium certified, and sets the foundation for a strong community of progressive, independent retailers who provide risk mitigation, employment screening, and tenant screening services. ClearStar is a worldwide leader in providing strategy, services, and technology infrastructure to retail screening firms.


Whatever your current size, BackChecked will instantly put you on par with the biggest players in the background screening industry. Your clients get the on-line features they demand. You get an efficient back-office system as a bonus. You’re also directly connected to a who’s who of data suppliers, such as SJV & Associates. BackChecked is not just easy to use. It is easy to live with. You get unlimited use for a flat monthly cost. No start-up fees. No transaction fees. You brand it. You control it. But, you don't have to manage servers or hire programmers. We already have everything you need.


The word “deverus” comes from a mixture of Latin and Spanish, and essentially means, “from the truth”. deverus brings together the right resources and strategies to help background check companies compete successfully in an increasingly complex, rapidly changing marketplace. deverus specializes in the smart application of technology and industry expertise to provide effective background screening software solutions.

Digital Delve,SJV Partner

Digital Delve is a background screening software company with next generation software, servicing both wholesale and retail screening companies. Committed to user friendly technology and personalized customer service, with an eye on increasing profitability, Digital Delve is the clear choice to build or improve your business today.

EPIC, SJV Partners

A systems integrator, Epic Concepts is a Founding Member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Their senior staff has worked with organizations developing, supporting, and serving the pre-employment background screening industry for nearly twenty years. Epic Concepts provides users of their technology with background verification and reports via PCI certified, secure, encrypted, web-enabled automated system.

The revolutionary technology of FRS has been evolving since 1993 and offers many advantages to users of the ‘Flexible Research System’. FRS’ unique, scalable solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each of their clients, and designed with their specific needs and goals in mind. Their comprehensive background check software system enables screening firms to operate more efficiently and more profitably by reducing labor costs, improving turnaround time, and empowering them with the ability to deliver leading-edge system integrations and Internet ordering solutions.


ISS’ is a web-based solution providing background screening companies a simple and efficient way of automating their services without the costs and headaches of housing and maintaining a system of their own. Whether you’re a startup or a large established company, we provide you with the solutions and support you require and in most cases, can customize to your specific needs

tazworks,SJV Partner

TazWorks is a trusted industry leader, exceeding the technology needs of companies in the Background Screening Industry. TazWorks primary aim is to make their clients' business processes easier by leading the market with the most simple and powerful technology in the industry. Their client base is composed of Consumer Reporting Agencies that specialize in Business Due Diligence, Risk Mitigation, and Employment, Tenant, and Volunteer Background Screening.