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Verifications Suite

SJV’s Verifications Suite offers standardized and fully customizable strategies for Domestic Education, Employment, Military Service, Professional References, and Professional Licenses, along with International Education, Employment, and Global ID Verifications. This is accomplished using methods and technologies available only with SJV.

Our combination of strategic call patterns and sophisticated call center technology increases the speed at which verifications are completed. SJV’s proprietary process maximizes targeted calling for when the source is most likely to answer the phone. This is not simply a 1-800 number or over-seas labor reading from a script, without acknowledging conversational cues. Our system generates a local phone number for caller IDs and provides a representative that can clearly articulate the request. This approach has proven to provide the best possible turnaround times and completion rates. This is accomplished using methods and technologies available only with SJV, through our Domestic-based call-center located in Phoenix, AZ.

Path to Ordering

SJV’s Verifications Suite is integrated with these leading technology solution providers to ensure a seamless and secure ordering experience for our customers. We also offer custom integrations to proprietary systems as well.

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